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Maybach resurrecting an old favorite in honor of D-day anniversary.

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Maybach has recently hinted that they are bringing back a classic production engine from their historic lineup.

The well-known, but now defunct automaker, which operates as a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz has historically made marvelous pieces of automotive engineering in very limited, exclusive numbers. Now, they decided to bring back a fan-favorite bestseller in honor of D-day anniversary.

Going against the current trend of engine downsizing, they are bringing back a massive V-12 supercharged engine – the HL230.

It will not undergo any modernization, as they want it to remain as historically accurate as possible, to pay homage to the original. It will be a 21.4L 60° V12 with classic cast iron block & heads. The supercharged version will be pumping out an incredible 1100hp.

Some 70 years ago, they manufactured and sold over 9000 of these units, making it their best ever selling product.

It powered the German machinery icons of their era, such as the Tiger I, Panther, Jagdpanther, Tiger II, and the Jagdtiger – all of which are highly sought after collector’s items nowadays. Nothing pulls bitches in the hottest night clubs in Saint-Tropez like arriving in a Jagdpanther.

A spokesman for Maybach, Mr. Guderian told us: “We feel this is a great homage to both the history of our glorious brand, and the not-so-glorious faliure of our engineering on D-day. Nevertheless, this is probably the best thing we’ve ever made, and we hardly sell anything nowadays, so it doesn’t hurt to try anything at this point.”

The engine is going to be available in select Mercedes cars (S-class and G-class) as well as a luxury version of the Leopard tank.

“We are making a limited series of 100 tanks for the tank connoisseur governments. Places like Poland, Denmark and Israel. Countries that appreciate that little extra. It is a Leopard tank with the original best tank engine. The tanks performance will be fantastic. The noise will be awesome. Like a Saturn V rocket on the battlefield. A horrific experience for the opposing force’s infantry.” – he concluded.

Prices start at 1 200 000 Reichsmark. Deliveries start in early 2020.

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