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Tires for F1 now available to Ford Focus.

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Pirelli’s upcoming street sport tyre line for your ordinary road car is in its final testing stages.

You asked – Pirelli listened.

We all look up to the professional racers growing up. Surely, at some point, we all asked the question “Why don’t we get sticky tyres like the guys in Formula 1 do?”.

Now you can!

The new Pirelli line is almost here. It is based on the Formula 1 tyre spec, adapted for the public roads and your car.

  • Pirelli P-Zero Formula Strada

The new tyre will come in three compounds: Soft, Medium, and Hard.

So, depending on the weather, a Ford Focus owner can change his tires in the morning for his commute to work using the best rubber stickiness for the temperature.

“The really soft compound makes my commute to work EIGHT seconds faster. However, the tires only last for three trips back and forth from Purley to Croydon (8km)” – John from Purley, tells us.

Pirelli claims the new tyres will give your depressing commute that Formula 1 sensation we have all dreamed of.

Pricing is yet to be announced, and available sizes, however they say that the tyres will fit just about every modern-era car out there at an “affordable price-point”.

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