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Swedish government is forcing all drivers to have a colored license plate in 2020

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Swedish lawmakers are trying hard to make everyone feel included and able to express themselves.

As you already probably know, Sweden is introducing new background colours to their license plates in 2020. As the owner of the car, you will be able to chose a colour depending on your preferences.

They are making your daily commute a bit more multicultural!

The white background of the license plates in Sweden has ben deemed racist. They are not inclusive enough for the minorities in the country. Now you can get almost any background colour you want. Except navy blue that is for diplomatic vehicles and yellow that is reserved for taxis.

“Sometimes it is very hard to know if the person you meet identifies as a woman or a man. If it looks like a man, but identifies as a woman, you might offend the person. In Sweden, offending someone might cost you your job. Hence, by clearly signaling the gender the driver identifies as you know perfectly how to address the driver” – says Mrs Göran Blåsorkester from the Transportstyrelsen authority.

The system works like this. When you order your car, or change ownership, you can tick a checkbox to get the background colour you want. It costs nothing extra.

For example:

  • Green shades: Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Rainbow: LGBTQ+ individual
  • Blood red: Monster human – AKA Meat eater.
  • Pink: Young woman who just got her license, or a fabulous man.
  • Black: Crossfitter who wants the world to know how hard he is.
  • Brown: Far-right Trump supporter.

“Yet again, the Swedish tax payer pays for this complete insanity. It is wonderful that someone else is paying for this reform” – Mrs Göran Blåsorkester

And the list goes on and on. The possibilities are endless!

There is one caveat, though.

Any religious, national, or otherwise “divisive” or potentially “offensive” symbols, color patterns, or imagery, is strictly disallowed. Those who break this rule will be sent to gulag

The LGBTQ+ community is ecstatic about the news.

Mr Hjördis Perstad of the LGBTQ+ of Sweden had a few words for us: “We are very thrilled about this very progressive move by the lawmakers, finally they see to our wishes and desires! However, I stress that this is not the end of our demands. We have been not been pandered to enough!”

“We know that deep inside every Swedish white male tax payer is gay, trans or queer. If he does not chose a color, then he is clearly racist and should not be trusted with driving a car at all. Or even having a job. Bigots should not be a part of the Swedish tolerant society.”

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