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10 Car pile-up on I-10 caused by Tesla driver

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Late yesterday afternoon, the I-10 interstate was backed up due to a traffic incident.

Around 6:21PM a traffic accidcent happened on the I-10, closing down the entire eastbound highway at mile 63 in San Bernandino, CA, causing delays and jams all the way back to Los Angeles.

About a dozen cars were involved, most of which are, now totaled, priuses. Among them, however, was the latest Tesla Model 3.

The driver who caused the accident just drove off the showroom flor!

Marie N. Is the not-so-happy new owner of the now totaled car, who apparently was just on her way home from the Tesla dealership, having just bought the car about half an hour prior to the incident.

A wonderful day, quickly turned sour for the new Tesla owner, when she, according to the other participants in the accident, stopped suddenly in the left lane of the highway!

The San Bernandino Police Department took a statement.

In the police report, the woman is quoted saying: “I was just trying to test out the screenshot feature of my new car!”

She continued: “I read that if you press the brake and the gas at the same time for 3 seconds, your Tesla takes a screenshot! So i put the car on autopilot, and started scrolling my facebook feed, and when I saw a really funny meme, I wanted to screenshot it, so it was a perfect time to test the feature out!”

Unfortunately, at the time of “testing” she was doing 70 mph on the interstate. On the bright side, she will get full insurance coverage.

As it turns out, the screenshot feature does exist, albeit only for service inspection, in the event of the interface throwing an error.

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