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Ferrari to debut 1000hp disappointment!

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As of late, rumors have been going around of a new Ferrari hypercar due in May!

The rumor mill has been busy as ever, with unconfirmed details of a new addition to the Ferrari car lineup making the rounds on various car related portals online.

The new car is set to be “above the 812 superfast” but will not be a replacement for the 488 per-se.

First whispers claim impressive numbers!

With the latest F8 Tributo boasting a mighty 720hp from its 3.9L V8 – expectations are high. Some sources claim the new car, dubbed “Big Brother” will push out 1000hp if not more!

A mule was spotted on Italian roads, which seems to be based on the previously mentioned F8 Tributo. Some claim it will out-perform the LaFerrari, and it is rumored to be priced at 600 000 EUR, however Ferrari has not confirmed these details.

But there is a catch.

It is a hybrid.

Namely, it is set to have a bank of batteries and electric motors on board. While this opens up many possibilities in terms of power, torque vectoring, etc. It ultimately signifies that the end of the ICE is nigh, and Ferrari is keen to follow the ever-evolving automotive trends.

Ferrari claims many miles of smiles.

Regardless of the looming silence of the electric motors, Ferrari still claims this car will have all the life and soul a Ferrari always has. Granted, it will be less ear-piercing noise, and more depressing whizzing.

It is set to be revealed May 31st.

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