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American truck meet single handedly causes global warming acceleration.

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Global warming is a big… global issue of today.

Countries and their leaders all around the civilized world are rallying to work on a solution to this as fast as they possibly can. And they are trying hard. Enormous leaps in eco-related technology, and laws and subsidies have been made to make the world a more eco-friendly place overall in the last few decades.

But alas, some don’t seem to care no matter what you do.

Like these wonderful hillbillies in Texas, USA – modifying their V8 diesel trucks to spew as much soot into the air as possible, in a pretty impressive visual display of pollution. Of course, they don’t think they are doing anything wrong.

They call it – Rolling Coal

Noah Smith – A lover of coal rolling, gave a statement. “Yeehaw partner! Ain’t nothin’ more fun than rollin’ some coal with the boys! Except cigars and shootin’ muh outrageously large gun collection in public! God bless Texas!”

Many environmentalists come to protest their coal rolling meets. – To no avail.

“Yeah those liberal sissies can suck on this!” – he said as he grabbed his crotch, and jumped back in his truck to blow some more smoke, and kill a few birds flying overhead in the process.

Scientists at Texas A&M university are concerned.

An environmental scientist from A&M tells us: “Latest research shows that these truck meets alone expand the ozone hole directly above Texas & Arizona, which explains why it’s so fucking hot here year-round. Honestly I don’t give a shit about the world, I just want it to be cooler here again like in the 50’s.”

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