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Polish traffic camera catches speeder doing a ridiculous 678 km/h

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Today around 15:00, a traffic camera caught a very fast speeding violator.

The incident happened just outside Poznan, eastbound on the Poznan-Warsaw portion of the A2 highway. This piece of the highway is notorious for speeding drivers, as the fresh pavement provides a perfectly smooth ride.

The speed measurement read a record 678 km/h.

The previously fastest recorded speeding ticket was clocked in at 389 km/h in Texas, USA. The car in that case was a Koenigsegg CCR.

This time it was a Polish Air Force MiG-29A, nicknamed “Fulcrum”.

So far, it is unknown why the MiG was flying so low on a regular spring day, and we were unable to reach the Airforce for a statement on the incident.

It is worth noting that multiple reports of thundering noise were filed with the police around the time of the incident.

The Poznan police department is conducting an investigation. Currently they are not able to give us any further details.

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