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Kim Kardashian signs up for Moto GP – rides for Red Bull in 2020

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Kim Kardashian signs for Red Bull team in Moto GP

After intense speculation the last months it is finally done. Kim Kardashian has signed for the Red Bull KTM Racing Team competing in Moto GP for 2020. She will be driving together with team mate Johann Zarco.

“Red Bull is widely known for their collaborations with superstars, like Patrick Dempsey in a F1 car a few years ago, so it was only fitting for her to move into Moto Racing with them.” – Said Mike Jeffries, analyst for Sports Illustrated..

Pietro Bonuccelli, team boss, praises Kim’s driving style. “What she lacks in control, she makes up with her extremely aggressive driving style. Most importantly, she is blessed with having absolutely zero intelligence and complete disregard for other people than herself. This makes her a terrifying opponent on the race track.”

Fit Tea, one of the most important sponsors of Kim, was also present at the event. They make health & beauty products mostly aimed at women, known for their completely useless detox teas. “They actually do more harm than good” according to toxicologist Dr. Waynward House

Red Bull is very pleased to have her on the team.

“We don’t care if she wins, loses, goes upwards, downwards or gets her spine crushed in some horrific accident. Our only intention is to sell more energy drink. For this purpose, she is perfect” – Says Dietrich Lenz, from Red Bull.

Kanye, her husband and father to their children, said: “I have taken out the greatest life insurance ever on Kim. I would hate to lose my only reliable source of income.”

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