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Good news to all VW owners – you are no longer considered Nazis.

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Recent study in Denmark finds that Volkswagen ownership might not longer indicate that you are a raging nazi.

It’s been a long road for VW. Born in 1937, in Nazi Germany. One of it’s first cars, which ended up being their flagship model for decades after this, was designed by Hitler himself. Not to mention them supplying about 50 thousand amphibious “Kubelwagen” models for the Nazi war machine.

The connection is embedded in European culture nowadays.

“We all have that neighbour who owns a VW who we suspect is worshiping Hitler and wants the third reich to come back .” – Says Kjetil Giltvass, analyst at the Danish survey company TNS Gallup.

It is getting better, though.

According to a recent study conducted in Denmark, only 18% of people consider ownership of a VW to be a political statement. This is a great leap forward, since the same study conducted in 1998, found that a whopping 45% of people considered VW to be an expression of Nazi sympathy.

The PR department at the company headquarters is delighted.

“More than 60 years of producing cars for the German Volk, and fans all over the world. We have worked hard to erase all historical ties to Der Führer and the ideology was very naughty indeed a while back. Now, it seems people have forgotten everything.”

“You are finally able to drive a Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI without the social stigma” – Says Traudl Junge, assistant to the big kahuna at Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg.

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