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Alfa Romeo head of quality retires at 72

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The head of quality at Alfa Romeo, Maurizio Gennaro, retired at 72 years old.

Gennaro was born in a fishing village in 1947, he then studied agriculture and social studies in Bologna before making his way to Torino and Alfa in 1968 as an intern.

He climbed the corporate ladder from the bottom.

From bringing the mechanics breakfast, becoming one himself, then moving up to be their manager. He was almost fired several times during his ascent – spilling hot coffee on his coworkers, leaving screws in the engine cylinders, and giving himself 200 hours of overtime in a month as a manager.

It seemed that he reached his peak at mechanics’ manager, when he married Fiat AG Owner Gianni Agnelli’s niece. His career path suddenly skyrocketed, and he ended up in the position he is now retiring from

“At the position since 1973, Maurizio has been an integral part of our company. A true character, and an honest, meticulous worker. He has shown dedication to his job since day one, and never stopped.” – This was just a snippet of the praise he received at his retirement party.

At the gala dinner, he received a retirement gift from his colleagues.

One that touched him very deeply – A Scuderia Ferrari watch.

“He was an important part of cementing the Alfa Romeo reputation as cars that never break down or rust.” – The CEO noted, during his speech.

The unbreakable Alfa Sud

The list of cars he was responsible for is quite long, but here are the standouts:

  • Arna (1983) – Voted worst Alfa in history.
  • GTV (1985) – Top Gear 6 worst cars in the world.
  • 33 (1990) – Just a shitbox.
  • Giulia (2017) – Worldwide recalls.

His proudest achievement, though, was the Alfa Sud factory in Pomigliano d’Arco in Italy

The watch brought tears of joy from the gentleman.

Unfortunately, only two weeks later, the wrist-strap was broken, and the watch was 35 minutes late.

Mr. Gennaro wasn’t upset, though.

He remarked: “The watch follows a decades-old tradition of quality associated with Alfa Romeo. This is something i am very proud of.”

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