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The 2019 Ford Mustang has a secret feature.

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The new ‘Stang has a little bit of a secret feature.

Mustangs have unfortunately been degraded to “eco friendly” four-cylinder “EcoBoost” engines in the past years. Luckily, there are still some good trim packages, like the BULLITT and the Shelby GT350R, with proper American Muscle V8’s, keeping it in line with tradition.

However, all of the trim packages of the Mustang have one feature in common.

It is intentionally set up from the factory, and it is non-removable. The feature in question is – a check engine light after 5000 miles.

That’s right. No matter what you do, the light will come on, and only a Ford Dealership can remove it. Even then, it will come back every 5000 miles after that.

Implementing this was an important strategic decision by Ford management.

We got in touch with Joseph Barr, a board member, here is what he had to say:

“We made this decision out of a very simple reason. Every supercar, or sportscar out there has a unique element. It isn’t always so obvious. You feel it in a Ferrari. The Viper’s igniton roar. The precision of a Porsche.”

He continues: “So we wanted to give our cars the well known Ford feeling. And what better way than to give you a check engine light periodically, to keep up with the tradition of the Ford name. You know what it stands for, right?

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