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F1 driver casually lets photographer take pictures of his giant meatpole.

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There is a new rising star in F1

His name is Charles Leclerc, a Monaco born standout now driving for his dream team – The Scuderia. Everyone was really impressed with his standout performance at the Bahrain Grand Prix last weekend. Consequently, everyone is writing praise about him, speculating that he will be the man to bring Ferrari a new F1 championship title at long last.

One man had a clear idea of how to make him look truly great.

Enter – a Bahraini photographer. He wanted to really send a message with his photo. He said: “I wanted to portray him as the next big thing. I had to find a great angle to do this, and when I saw the opportunity looking at me I jumped on it, and it turned out perfectly. He was just sitting there, almost like he wanted the picture taken. I knew instantly that i had what I was looking for.”

Since the picture went around online and through the paddock, young Charles got a new nickname. “Big Dick Lec”

His rivals were in shock and awe when they saw the picture. Some, reportedly went completely blank, while others could only utter the words: “It’s so fucking big…”.

When the young Monegasque driver was asked what he thought about the picture he said: “Yeah, I wasn’t going to keep it secret anymore. It’s time everyone on the grid came to know who’s their daddy. The nickname? I fucking love it!”

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