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Rowan Atkinson has his driving license suspended for one year.

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Mr. Atkinson is facing a tough reprimand for breaking the traffic safety laws.

After numerous parking tickets, a few hit-n-runs after bumping into cars in the parking lot, and many, many other traffic violations, Rowan Atkinson has had to face the law at long last.

It was the Magistrates Court in Kensington’s decision to suspend his license for one year, starting with the 25th of March.

The reason is many violations against the traffic code.

As a consequence of this, he will not be able to enjoy and drive any of his beloved McLarens within, or outside the United Kingdom.

A decision against one of the UK’s most loved stars, was an easy one for the Court.

“There is a vast amount of evidence of his wrongdoings all over YouTube and the BBC. What is amazing about this is the fact that some people share self-incriminating material online with such little thought. It makes our jobs so much easier.”

For example, this incident from 2017 where he commits several traffic code violations. This is widely available for the public to see on YouTube. Uploaded by the man himself!

Another one, broadcast publicly on the BBC from just a few days ago!
Mr. Atkinson explained that he bought a new armchair, but had no other way of transporting it. He pleaded the court not to include this incident in their decision process, for it was the only way to bring the chair home.

We caught up with Mr. Atkinson for his comment on the Court’s decision:
“Hfurrhurr durrrmum harrrmhuuuhmmm droongbzoink hrufhhhrrr.”

Please let us know if you decipher that, we do not speak British.

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