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Rolex factory in China refuses to make copies of official Ferrari watches

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Ferrari is aggressively pushing their line of “Scuderia Ferrari” watches.

These watches are 120 EUR in their merchandise shops, but can often be found in gas stations in Italy for 49 EUR or less. This has raised concerns that the watches offered were, in fact, cheap Chinese replicas of the official licensed product.

During a press conference at the international watch show in Shanghai, Mr. Zhao Sun, owner of the largest replica watch company in the world – the famous Shanghai Watch Company (SWC) commented on the situation.

“The Scuderia Ferrari watches are not made by us. In fact, I do not believe they are made in China at all. We took the Scuderia Ferrari watch apart for analysis. It’s already made from the cheapest components known to human kind.”

The raw production method used to assemble the watch (sledgehammer, blowtorch and brute force) suggests unskilled child labor in a conflict zone like Kongo-Kinshasa or the Helmand province of Afghanistan.

The components used in the Scuderia Ferrari watches have components and materials not used by Chinese children’s toys for decades.

Mr. Zhao Sun ends his statement by saying that “We can’t possibly make them cheaper than they already are. In fact, we did a copy, and it turned out better than the original.”

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