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Polish drivers banned from the Nurburgring

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As of June 1st, it will be impossible to drive a car from Poland at the Nurburgring.

The state of Rhineland-Palatinate, which runs the ring, has grown tired of the Poles’ wild driving.

“They are rude to our staff” says Hugo Steiglitz, spokesperson of the ministry of motorsport, armament and tolerance in the region. “They also try to drive on the track without paying.”

The method for this is very simple. The passenger jumps out of the car, and lifts the boom at the tourist entry. This way, they can do the the lap without paying.

Something really bad happened last autumn.

A guard caught a Polish car trying to enter the track without paying. When approached, the polish driver screamed “1939” as loud as he could, distracting the guard, and drove off on the track. Of course, without paying. There have also been threats of mild physical violence.

On another occasion, a guard got spanked with a wet towel. “It hurt so badly I almost started crying” – said the guard, who wished to remain anonymous. Several officials have had similar experiences and are looking for other jobs outside the track.

Now the management is fed up with this shit, and found a way to ban all Polish cars from the track. To achieve this, Nurburgring is being classified as a private road, instead of a public one.

“We had to declassify it as a public road before we could ban cars from Poland. On a private road, we can choose who gets to go.”

This has consequences for everyone who drives at the Ring.

The problem is the insurance. It is probably not valid if the track is reclassified and becomes private a road. Check with your insurance company. And leave your Polish passport at home.

“None of us understand why the Poles behave like this. What have we ever done to them?”


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