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Porsche rebuilding GT2RS’s lost in shipping accident – And they aren’t stopping there.

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A container ship heading to Brazil sunk off the coast of France last week.

Ships sink like every day, so no big deal, right? Well, this one was carrying, among other things, 37 Porsches, 5 of which were beautiful Porsche 911 GT2RS’s!

The already limited edition model suddenly got even more limited, but Porsche felt that they needed to do something about it.

“This is a travesty! We look like amateurs, can’t even deliver our cars to our customers!” – Oliver Blume CEO, Porsche AG, reacted angrily upon hearing the news.

Porsche management have decided that it is unfair to the owners who purchased the car to just give them their money back. So, they are building 37 new ones to ship to their Brazilian owners.

But they are taking it one giant step further.

“The ship sunk was a Blohm and Voss freighter built in Hamburg in 1988. It is a fine piece of machinery. It made us all very sad at Porsche to see it perish. Hence, we have made the decision to rebuild it t0o. We will build an exact copy of the gigantic cargo vessel in our manufacturing plant in Stuttgart. Then we will transport it to the closest port (Rotterdam, 650 km away) by trailer(s). Then we will load the Porsches on the new freighter and sail to Brazil” – He added.

“I swear to God, we will not fuck up again!” – Mr. Blume concluded.

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