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Exec at Ford factory in Alabama accidentally sends dick pic to the entire PR department.

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An absolute PR bomb came out of the Ford factory in Alabama.

It was just a regular work day, with the Alabama factory preparing for a bigger workload in the production of new Ford F-150 models.
Until Michael Sturm, an executive at the factory received word that his factory will start producing the latest and greatest F-150’s.

The man was unfortunately surprised by the news in the middle of a hot sexting session with his partner.

Wanting to get back to what he was doing as soon as possible, he quickly sent a message forwarding the great news to his PR department.

This is where it all went terribly wrong for Michael.

He accidentally sent the entire PR department a closeup image of his meatpole. This was made worse, because he didn’t even realize what he had done, until his HR department called him in for a sexual harassment claim from some members of the PR team.

He claims he mixed up the recipients.

“I am so sorry about this. The picture of my private parts were meant for Priscilla, my sister. We had been sexting the entire day. Now it went to the send list PR in my contacts instead. It is so embarassing.”

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