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Melbourne man almost shuts down F1 GP

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The Formula 1 season began today with it’s now traditional opening race at Albert Park, Melbourne.

But, this almost didn’t happen, due to someone calling the police numerous times, complaining of “very loud lawn mowers” buzzing at the park in the late afternoon.

We talked to the fans at the race track, and one of them had a lot to say after hearing what happened.

“What an absolute prick! I know exactly who you’re talking about. He is my neighbour since the late 90’s. The genius decided to buy a summer house right next to the race track, knowing full well that Formula 1 comes here every year. He should move the hell out if you ask me!”

Naturally, we also contacted the man in question, who has requested to remain anonymous. Here is what he had to say.

“I never had a problem with Formula 1. I actually really liked them being here in the past, the sound was very enjoyable! After they left in 2014, some dumb lawnmower competition moved in into their time slot! Since then, they have been having lawnmower races right opposite my house every year! The sound is horrible! I wish F1 would actually come back and kick these assholes out!”

Little did the man know, there was an actual Formula 1 race going on, and he nearly stopped it from happening.

Luckily though, the Melbourne Police Department was sensible enough to not do anything about the man’s complaints, and just hit him with the “a patrol is going to investigate as soon as possible.” which we all know means “yeah we don’t care, but we don’t want you to complain even more”.

Great call by the police if you ask us.

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