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Rolex to start making replicas of their own watches to compete with China

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TRolex is making a splash in the world of business news, with a very unusual market move.

They are announcing a full frontal assault on the Chinese replica watch factories. They are fed up with tourists going to Asia and purchasing fake Rolexes.

All this – by making their own in-house fakes.

The man behind the idea says “If you can’t beat them, join them. So we are going to use our existing factories which make all of our beautiful “real real” Rolexes, and get them to build “real fakes” during the night shifts. This is the only way to beat the Chinese fake manufacturing giants.

He adds, “It’s perfect, we will use the same manpower which is already employed, and the same factories we already have doing the work. There is zero downside!

Unfortunately, like any big move, this is bad news for some.

Specifically, the “replica watch” stores in the MBK store in Bangkok.

“They are ruining a major pillar of the Thai economy! This is very bad news! Half of our country lives from this business, they are basically stealing millions from us!” – says Tao, a replica watch store owner.

The affordable Real Fake Rolex

Rolex execs sound very confident about this move: “It is perfect! You will never be able to tell the difference! Hell, our quality control depratment couldn’t say which is the real real and which is the fake real, it’s that good!”

The prices for the real fake Rolexes are set start at 120 EUR, and the more complex watches, like a Daytona will be 480 EUR.

They will all look and feel like the real deal. No one will be able to tell the difference. Not even Rolex themselves.


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