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Homeless man in London wins the national lottery and buys himself a McLaren Senna

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A homeless man from London won the national lottery and decided to treat himself – by buying a McLaren Senna

You would imagine a previously homeless man, having won the lottery, would first sort out his living situation. You know, the fundamentals. A house, a wardrobe full of non-homeless clothes, things like that.

But not this absolute madman. Oh no, he decided that his first move must be a brand new McLaren Senna.

The McLaren salesperson who sold him the car told us he actually went in there to buy it – still in his dirty stinking homeless clothes! Of course, they instantly called for security to kick him out.

“It was only when he showed me what was in his big stinking bag. I couldn’t believe it! Loads and loads of cash! I didn’t know whether he robbed a bank or something, but I didn’t care at that point. When you see that amount of money as a luxury car salesman, you give them your undivided attention, and try to hide your manhood which is at half mast aroused by the money. Let’s be honest, every salesperson gets a stiffy when they see THAT kind of cash.”

The lucky lottery winner might be disappointed to hear what McLaren Execs had to say about his new supercar, though.

We got in touch with the lucky man, here is what he had to say:

“Oi mate, I dun care about no ‘ouse or nuffin, I jus wonna droive me new Meklooren mate, piss off will ye!”

We hardly understood what he said because of his thick accent. We tried our best to put it into text. Let us know if you manage to decipher what the hell he said.

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