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Ferrari just butt-fucked all the Pista owners in the world. Like really, really hard

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As expected, just in time for Geneva Auto Salon next week, Ferrari just announced an updated version of the 488.

They call it the “Ferrari F8 Tributo” and it is a wonderful looking car. It is the mid-life cycle face lifted version of the 488. It also has updated aero, reduced wright and an engine with much more power. 720 Hp in total, propelling the angry red car from standstill to 200 km/h in just 7.8 seconds.

It is insanely fast. It also looks really good.

But there is an issue. Not everyone thinks the arrival of the F8 Tribute was good news. No, there are thousands of Ferrari owners that have had a really bad morning.

Why? The Ferrari F8 Tributo is basically a copy of their very limited edition Ferrari 488 Pista model. The design, the aerodynamics are very similar. The engine? The exact same unit.

Of course, this makes all Pista owners very angry.

I am so fucking piss-t-aah right now! They released a similar car for just half the price. Just changed the name a bit!” – Says East Londoner Amit Shain.

I had to bribe a Ferrari sales person in Canterbury to get allocation of the Pista. Then, I paid well over 400 000 EUR for the car with taxes and stuff. I was just going to flip the car for almost 500 000 EUR to some bloke in Switzerland. I can kiss that plan and all that money goodbye now!

When asked if he was going to actually drive the car, Mr. Shain answers:

Drive a Ferrari? Are you nuts? No one drives these cars any more. You buy them, and sell them again to some collector. As fast as you can.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo will replace the 488 GTB. The price point will be similar, and the first deliveries will probably be in May.

Ferrari has promised five new cars for Geneva Auto Salon. One down, four more to go. What other news do they have in store for their loyal customers?

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