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Conspiracy theorists LOVE the Porsche GT2RS.

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As of late, online “alternative thinking” forums (let’s be honest, they are tinfoil hatter’s forums) are raving about how great the Porsche GT2RS is.

We wondered why, so we delved deep into these pseudo-intellectual corners of the internet to find out.

Apparently, many believe that Porsche finally proved that “Cars can run on water!“. The forums were full of overjoyed conspiracy theorists absolutely praising Porsche, and their “stunning bravery in the face of big oil“, or their “revolutionary technology finally uncovered“.

They were referring to the water injection system in Porsche’s latest GT2RS model. Car guys know how this works, and know that you do in fact still need gasoline to run the car, but we didn’t have the heart to burst their joyful bubbles.

We figured we’d wait until one of them gets to smell the wonderful exhaust fumes of one of these sexy cars, and realizes what is actually going on.


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