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Chevrolet come up with an offer you can’t refuse. “We will do anything to sell corvettes.”

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As we all know, the new Corvette ZR1 is having a hard time selling. So much so that they are coming out with a brand new offer that „you can’t turn down“.

In a desperate bid to boost sales, they have started offering a very intimate service with every Corvette sold. (T&C’s apply)

Here is their new sales pitch:
Have you ever wanted fantasised about being intimate with another man? If that is the case, you should start scouting for the hottest Chevrolet sales man in your state.

A marketing director tells us: “Management was desperate for results. I have to keep my job somehow. Please.”

As their primary targeted market is middle aged men desperate to get laid, it makes sense. They will do anything for a little sensual contact.

Whether this will prove to be a stroke of genius, or a completely flaccid attempt however, it remains to be seen.

Now excuse me, while i go get a car loan.

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