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Car spotter from Ukraine goes above and beyond to get a ride in a Porsche GT3.

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A car spotter from Mariupol in eastern Ukraine was tricked to perform sensual favors for a ride in the car.

After analysing the pictures closely it turned out that the car was just a normal Porsche 911 with an after market aero kit. 

 – “Misha has locked himself in his room. He refuses to talk to anyone. He is devastated” – Said his mom on state news yesterday

The incident happened outside Kempinski hotel in Kiev this Saturday.

A group of supercar owners have had dinner in the hotel restaurant, their cars parked in front of the hotel. Amongst them several Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche cars.

The group of exotic cars immediately got attention from local car spotters, taking pictures of the cars and waiting for the owners. 

Several hours later, at about 2:30 past midnight, the supercar owners exited the hotel and went to their cars. As always, the spotters were eager to take pictures of the interiors, engines and talk to the owners. Some went so far that they asked if they could get a ride. 

This is where things went horribly wrong for young Misha.

We are not sure if the owner was joking or not. However, Misha accepted to play the meat fiddle for a ride in the presumably super hot Porsche GT3.

He is such an idiot sometimes” – Says his mom. I can’t believe he cant see the difference between a real Porsche GT3 and a car with an after market aero kit. I would not have gone that far for a damn aero kitted Porsche 996.

Misha was not available for a comment. 

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