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BMW introducing a new weight reduction measure for their latest models. “No one uses them anyway”

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BMW is making a splash in the automotive industry right before Geneva, announcing a radical, albeit subtle change in all of their future models.

In a never ending struggle to increase fuel efficiency, and decrease weight and pollution, BMW are making an immediate decision to stop installing turn signal systems in their vehicles as of March 2019.

In the modern age, where every gram counts, and every drop of fuel matters, any weight decrease is very welcomed.

And BMW has a very decent rationale behind this decision. According to numerous surveys, analyses, and consumer reports, turn signals are never used on any BMW anywhere in the world. And they aren’t broken, they are checked every year during technical examinations. It is just an interesting phenomenon which only occurs with BMW drivers.

So, since obsolete technology and systems are the first to get cut, it was a no brainer decision by the designers.

We at Strong Marbles, are sure we won’t even notice the change in everyday traffic…

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